Superior 60 mm quad fader CV source including MUTE feature

The ACL Fader CV Source Module comprises 4 individual faders where each can generate a CV either going between 0 and +5V or 0 and +10V unipolar or -5V and +5V or -10V and +10V bipolar, selectable using 2 jumpers on the backside of the module.

Furthermore there are mute-switches for each channel accompanied with an dual color LED (green/red) which shows the channels mute status. When mute is activated or deactivated, short fade ramps will be generated as well as the fader itself is slightly slew-limited internally in order to generate a smooth CV.

This module is very useful to control VCA´s or VC mixers like our VC Amp mix module.

Since it is difficult in these times with the acquisition of parts, we ask you if you are interested in the FCVS-4 to order the module at your dealer of confidence in advance. So we can better calculate how many we can build and thereby eliminate longer waiting times.