Repair case

Device purchased from dealer - EU and non-EU countries

In the unlikely event of a defective unit within the warranty period, please contact the respective dealer with a detailed description of the fault and the invoice. The dealer will take care of the repair.

Without original invoice - EU only

In the unlikely event of a defective device outside the warranty, we will personally take care of the repair (this service is unfortunately only available within the EU). Please contact us and we will discuss the further procedure. The normal case is as follows. First of all, a cost estimate lump sum of 50 Euro must be transferred to us. Then you send the device to us where it will be checked by our technician. Soon we will send you the exact repair costs. Should you then initiate the repair, the cost estimate lump sum will be charged with the repair and we will send the repaired device back to you at our expense. If you do not agree with the repair, the device will be sent back to you at your expense.

Without original invoice - Non EU countries incl. Switzerland

Unfortunately, we cannot offer repair in this case at the moment.

Exceptions where a repair without original invoice is possible:

Canada : Nightlife-Electronics