EVZ-1 Case

With the EVZ-1 we present a lightweight high-end Eurorack cabinet.

It is made of metal and gets a noble vintage look thanks to beautiful wooden side parts. This 6U case is flat and offers two rows of 84 HP for the installation of modules.
The integrated 4 HP wide KAZU power solution with switching PSU and two EVE1 busboards works extremely accurately and delivers very clean power. A total of up to 40 modules can be connected.

The EVE 1 is a low impedance bus board with twenty polarity protected connectors. During development, special attention was paid to low contact resistances between PSU and modules. Thick, six-layered conductor paths ensure optimal separation of all circuits and bus bars which are arranged in a star shape. For each operating voltage, i.e. +12 V, -12 V and +5 V, there is an independent copper layer. The mass even has three layers. High-precision buffer capacitors further enhance the low-noise design.

This results in high safety, extremely low background noise and outstanding sound quality.

EVZ-1 - A high-end solution for studios, but also suitable for stage applications thanks to its low weight.

KAZU offers the following performance data:

  • - 12 V: Regulated, filtered.
  • - 12 V: Regulated, filtered.
  • - 5 V: Not regulated, filtered.

Maximum current output:

  • - 1000 mA to +12 V
  • - 1000 mA to -12 V
  • - 500 mA to +5 V

An external power supply (15 V DC, tip positive, ring negative) is included in delivery.