Sum Sum


A high-quality, compact but deceptively versatile summing mixer

You could be mistaken for thinking SUM SUM is an Asian-fusion vegan street-food stall. And, let′s face it, here in Berlin it probably is. Nevertheless, it′s also something even more enticing, and (in a modular system, at least), far more useful.

Not a dumpling vendor

SUM SUM offers up two summing configurations: two sets of 6-into-1 mono signal paths, or a single 6-into-1 stereo path.

These signals can be either audio or CV, and the internal gain of each row can be switched between Unity, a gain of 0.5 (-6dB), or 0.33 (-9.5dB) gain… all set using DIP switches on the back of the module.

3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

Current Draw:

  • +12V: ca. 20mA
  • -12V: ca. 20mA
  • 0 mA 5V

Installation depth:

  • 30 mm deep

Unsolicited advice

We don′t need to tell you how SUM SUM might be used, but since you′re here, we′ll make some suggestions.

From a CV point-of-view, it can combine multiple modulation sources − for example, an LFO, an ADSR envelope, a key-follower, and an envelope-follower, all working together to control a filter′s cut-off.

And from an audio perspective, it offers a highly space-efficient way to stack up multiple oscillators for unison patches, without compromising signal quality.

Simple is sexy

Sometimes you just want something to do what it says on the box. That′s SUM SUM. And its box is luxurious and lovingly built.

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