Power Distribution Board

We built our Power Distribution Board with the sound of all the connected modules in mind. If the distribution board does not transmit consistent power from the PSU to the connected modules, their sound and performance can be affected. For example, when using other designs that daisy-chain module connectors, noise and crosstalk can result. Our design avoids this with direct low impedance connections between the power inlet from the PSU and each individual module.

To achieve this, the ACL Power Distribution Board has a compact printed circuit board, featuring low impedance ground and power lines, onboard decoupling of the +12V and -12V rails, and a 'star' power and ground design. Put simply, our board lets all the modules in the system sound as good as possible.

Yet another benefit is the flexibility to fit our board in any modular case, in a variety of configurations. Additionally, LED power indicators and the possibility to use one or two Gates and CVs make this distribution system easy to integrate in different modular environments.

Dimensions : 11cmx12,4cmx1,2cm