Multi II

Width 6 HP

The ACL Multi II is a 'multiple' module for connecting single audio or CV sources to multiple destinations. It has a wide variety of applications, such as precise synchronised control of multiple tone-generating VCO modules, simultaneous control of multiple VCF modules with a single envelope module, and many more creative modulation-related uses. All this is made possible because our multiple module actually contains two discrete modules - one passive and one active.

The non-buffered passive module lets you distribute one input signal to up to six freely interchangeable outputs. Some of the most rewarding uses of this are to send one CV control voltage input to six different modules, or distributing an audio source signal to several destinations. Of course, there are many more examples.

The buffered active module features two high-impedance inputs, one inverting and one non-inverting, and five low-impedance outputs. The main purpose of the active section is to stabilise the pitch of up to five VCO modules, but buffered input signal can be added, so the active multiple can be used as a subtractor too, allowing you to apply a modulator such as an LFO or a static CV source to change the pitch of them altogether.

The presence of inverting and non-inverting also has some fun modulation applications, as it's possible to subtract audio and/or CV signals from each other. For example, this could be used to subtract a filtered signal from the unfiltered one, thus inverting the filter's effect (i.e. turning a low-pass filter into a high-pass).

And though the active section is primarily designed with CV in mind, it can do some really creative stuff to audio waveforms too. For example, the inverting and non-inverting buffered inputs can function as a waveform mixer or subtractor, generating unusual results with audio signals and modulation signals alike.

Of course, while this module is designed with creativity in mind, we want stability too. To ensure our module reliably delivers minimal-error copies of the incoming signals, and thus that every melody and musical interval stays in tune, we use precision low-tolerance resistors and low-noise/low DC-drift/Offset Operational Amplifiers.

Installation depth:

  • 22 mm deep

Current Draw:

  • 20 mA +12V
  • 20 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V