KAZU is our party-size switching power supply for smaller Eurorack modular systems. Top or rear mounted, it provides up to 1A at +/-12V and 0.5A at +5V, with an exceptionally low noise-floor,
and the kind of reliability you want from a small, portable system.

When we sat down to create our first complete system, System 1, we quickly realised there was something vital missing from our line-up: a compact power supply suitable for smaller Eurorack systems. So we sat down, again, and designed one.

(NOTE: If you read our System 1 page we claim we didn′t need to make any modules specifically for that system. Alright, you′ve got us… this was the only exception! Okay? But at least it sticks to our ‘problem solving’ design philosophy!)

Anyway, so there we were, sitting down to create a power supply. And this wasn′t quite as easy as it sounds, of course – there were some things to consider.

Clean energy

Our slimline PSU had to match the quality of the rest of our range. It needed to provide very clean power, with minimal interference, noise, and ripple. Even at high loads, there had to be very little heating, so as to ensure optimal performance of our other modules, without influencing their sound, and avoid damaging them, even in compact enclosures. For the same reason, it needed over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection. Naturally, it needed to be compatible with international voltages. And it needed to do it all in an ultra-slim 4HP format.

We′re pleased to say we achieved our aims, and KAZU is the result. As is shown in our System 1 and System 2, it is even versatile enough to place on the rear panel of a compact skiff enclosure, freeing up even more space on the top panel for more interesting things than power switches!

Now, if you buy a System 1 or System 2 you′ll get a built-in KAZU anyway, but we recommend it for any small Eurorack case where reliability and consistency are important. And surely that should be every small Eurorack case?

3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

Installation depth:

  • 52 mm deep

+12 V - Regulated, filtered, less than 25 mV fluctuations and noise at full capacity, typically 15 mV.
-12 V - Regulated, filtered, less than 25 mV fluctuations and noise at full capacity, typically 15 mV.
+5 V - Unregulated, filtered, less than 25 mV fluctuations and noise. Less than 15 mV at full capacity.

  • Very little heating, even at high loads.
  • Overvoltage and short-circuit protection.
  • Primary voltage: 100 - 240 V
  • For optimal performance we recommend to use KAZU with our EVE-1 Power Distribution Board, featuring lowest impedance ground and power lines.

Maximum voltage output:

  • 1000 mA at +12Volt
  • 1000 mA at -12Volt
  • 500 mA at +12Volt