The ACL Bar PSU is a carefully designed and built Eurorack power source. It delivers constantly reliable performance, ensuring no avoidable audio artifacts or inconsistent behaviour, no matter how sensitive your modules.

It has a very low noise/ripple level, which results in higher sonic clarity with more sensitive modules - in fact, some modules simply won't work properly at all without such a strictly regulated power supply.

The Bar PSU is also compact, yet can deliver continuously high currents without overheating or degrading its noise and regulation performance, making it suitable for a wide variety of Eurorack cases. It features overcurrent and short circuit protection, plus a robust metal case, and thanks to its closed construction and exacting design, the Bar PSU exhibits low EMI and minimal interaction with any surrounding devices and modules.

Naturally, the Bar PSU is a perfect companion to our low impedance ACL Power Distribution Board!

Dimensions : 5,6cmx5,6cmx35cm